Hot Tips of Dating Offers Promotion

Hey guys! Today we’d like to discuss how to make a profit on dating offers. So let’s roll in!

A dating offer is an ad campaign for placement where visitors can meet new friends or lovers. The most famous is Tinder, well known as a fast dating app.

In general, we may split all dating offers into two groups: adult offers and mainstream ones. The striking examples of mainstream dating websites are,, At the same time, the most popular adult dating sites are,, The main difference between these two groups is the nude photo and video restrictions. However, both prohibit any child pornography, violence, animal or human rights abuse. 

But let’s not focus only on dating websites. iOS and Android apps are gained immense popularity ​in recent years. Within this trend, even a brand new application can find its audience.

These services could be divided into paid (if you need to pay for the service after registration or activation) and partial free (the use of such services is formally free, but there is a list of paid premium features).

The advantage of pre-landing pages.

An essential factor that affects the success of a dating ad campaign is pre-landing pages. The main advantages are:

  • warms up the visitor’s interest 
  • allows learning more about visitors’ preferences
  • shows more info about visitor itself
  • induces trust in the dating service
  • makes the tedious registration process more interactive

A-B tests of landing pages

We recommend testing several packages of pre-landing pages. For example:  

  • With different stream (gay or adult)
  • With different theme (with 18+ content or romantic one)
  • With different content (with blond, dark, or red hair girls, skinny and chubby girls, etc.)
  • With different primary colors (dark, yellow, pink, white, etc.)

It is proposed to divide the relevant traffic among all creatives and analyze historical data. Then, sort the creatives from the highest to lowest conversion rate. Using this data, keep active only creatives with the high rate and stop creatives with the low conversion rate.

*Conversion rate is the ratio of the number of conversions to the number of ad impressions.

Visitors funnel. 

One of the best strategy-building tools for marketers is a digital funnel analysis. The funnel itself consists of the customer interaction steps. At the bottom of the funnel is a cold contact with potential customers, then customer interest, desire, and purchase on the top. 

Let’s take these basic terms and apply them to dating services. Here are the following marketing funnel steps:

  • Display ad (Impression).
  • Click on the pre-landing page.
  • Fill out a preference questionnaire (it could have two, three, or more steps), registration, and eventually purchase paid dating services.

Depending on the offer terms, the payment model can be based on CPI, CPL, CPA, and revenue share. 

Traforama’s team has created a convenient functionality to track not the final conversions, which is obvious but to track the bullet points on your marketing funnel, analyze them, find a bottleneck, etc.

The first two items, impressions, and clicks are already in Traforama reports. We highly recommend using Traforama tracking Pixel or Tracker to record events and store them all in one place. For example, use conversion number 1 to track the pre-landing page visit.{click_tracker}?c=1

Then, use conversion number 2 to fire the answer to the first question.{click_tracker}?c=2

Following the previous example, you can manage the rest of the questions. Use number 6 to track the email confirmation and number 7 for the transition to the payment page. The last one is a final purchase that will fire conversion number 8. 

In total, you can use up to 10 types of events but with different parameters as ?c=1, ?c=2, …., ?c=10.

Analysis of results

By default, Traforama statistics show only the first type of conversions. However, if you are using more of them, you can add in the tab Full Reports.

Now is the time to use the data that we have accumulated. Below are several cases and solutions that marketers have made.

Case 1. The ad campaign loses a lot of visitors between answering questions 3 and 4.

Solution. The questionnaire is very long, or the fourth question is not attractive. Test removing question #4 from the pre-landing page, if possible, and check how the behavior of visitors might change. Of course, some of the questions, such as emails, cannot be deleted.

Case 2. Visitors share their emails but do not click on the link in the confirmation email.

Solution. The visitor may not have seen your confirmation email because it got to the spam folder. It is recommended to change the sender and check whether the top email providers, like Gmail, Yahoo, etc., marked your emails as junk.

Case 3. The dating ad campaign has a low CTR (click-through rate).

Solution. Take a detailed look at the report grouped by geo or traffic sources; furthermore, compare the CTR and find out the websites and countries with low acquisition rates.


The marketing funnel optimization may seem tedious and timeless, but the process becomes much easier with Traforama’s hands-on tools. No right marketing strategy for dating websites or apps should be without an inspiring and adapted landing page, competent targeting settings, and the best-performing traffic sources. So feel free to get a hand with it as we’re exceptionally good at the last two.

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