Affiliate Marketing Guide To Adult Niche

No matter how we perceive an adult niche, first of all, it’s an incredible business opportunity. Moreover, adult entertainment isn’t limited only to x-rated stuff but also provides a wide variety of possible revenue resources such as dating and matchmaking sites, apps, and platforms. Call it human instincts or biology or just a fantastic business opportunity, no affiliate marketer should ever miss out! So here is a quick guide to adult advertising to help us get out why this vertical is on top over the years!

The Testimony of Adult Advertising 

Adult advertising is also called adult entertainment ads, including adult products, online services (adult cams, streaming, chats), and the adult dating vertical. But most importantly, it’s a highly profitable market that grows yearly.

We call it an ever-green vertical despite all the regulations and limitations introduced eventually. 

Not to mention how many advertisers practice adult targeting while promoting their non-adult verticals, as there’s a potential in promoting them using both types of traffic — mainstream and adult.

Desktop vs. Mobile Traffic

To respond to the mobile-driven demand and the rapidly growing adoption of portable devices, the previous desktop-only content has been modified. It helped the mobile traffic to take a slight win over desktop traffic. Allowing users to engage with online adult content wherever they are, whenever they feel like it.

The device range may vary depending on your campaign’s settings, including GEO and other targeting options. Feel free to contact Traforama support to help your ads find the best match.

Policy Guidelines for Online Adult Niche Advertising

Advertisers must remember about the traffic source’s, offer’s or even the country’s legal regulations regarding adult content promotion. Once you’ve got your traffic source – ad creatives – GEO combination ready, check all the policy guidelines and other resources available to ensure your ads are safe to run.

Traforama Traffic Guidelines 

  • Adult campaigns are allowed only on adult sites.
  • No violent pornography and the sexualization of minors
  • Running adult ad campaigns with mainstream traffic is not allowed.

Find Your Target Audience 

To know who your brand is appealing to is primarily important in order to succeed in advertising. That’s why we created a portrait with some key characteristics to engage with your ads. Check the list below and create adult campaigns that convert!

Men or Women — who is your major auditory?

We all know that men are statistically more likely to engage with adult content-related ads. Nevertheless, women are is a fast-growing audience. So adding a few female-oriented ads can help you vary even though targeting your ads at men should be a primary focus. 

How old are people that engage with adult niche content ads online?

The adult content ads should be usually targeted at people between the ages of 25-45, taking into consideration the geo as it manually depends on the country’s restrictions. The male sector tends to occupy a wider age group than the female one. According to the statistics, women get into online dating ads at around the age of 30.

A subscription-based or a one-time visitor?

You shall target to reach both types of audiences. Those who are new to online dating or adult gaming, and those who are regularly interacting with this content. The adult content advertisement should catch the user’s attention right from the first look. That’s why it’s important to make them inexact enough to speak to both types of recipients — those who visit on a daily basis and those who only came here for a sneak peek.

Best ideas for adult niche advertising

The first step to creating ads that convert is to know your audience. And the last question is:

Why do people engage with adult content ads at all?

Just to be honest — this is not something that needs to be known by your coworkers or even your family. It’s something you’d like to keep privately for yourself. It’s secretive, intimate, even reminds the Bible story of tastes of the forbidden fruit, and often can give you what you wish. Focus on human instincts when choosing eye-catching content for your ads.

It’s not about being professional and experienced. Usually, adult content ads can’t really be called a masterpiece of digital advertisements. Your purpose is to make people keep on clicking if what they’re seeing has a clear CTA and good-looking marketing. 

Tips For Making CTR Higher

Here are some universal tips for making your CTR higher with both ad creatives and/or landing pages made for your adult ad campaigns:

  • Create a landing page that matches.
  • Ad geo and the language also should be the same. 
  • Loading speed is pretty important! Here when it comes to the less is more.
  • Adding CTA helps prompt users to action. 
  • Test your creatives to find the best-performing one.
  • Rotate your creatives to be more engaging
  • Real people images perform better rather than cartoon-like visuals.
  • Follow the policy guidelines when creating the ads.
  • And yes, this vertical is too sensitive to geolocation.

Top GEOs for adult niche

Here are the time-tested geos for the adult vertical:

  • English-speaking countries: US, CA, UK, and AU.
  • LATAM countries: MX, BR, AR, CO but also SE and PT.
  • European countries: GE, DE, FR, IT, PT, NT,
  • APAC region with countries: CH, TW, IN, TH, PH, ID.

We recommend contacting our managers to get the latest updates on geos performances as they are changing eventually extremely fast. 

The Final Thoughts

The adult niche is a bit of a high-risk, high-reward game. Adult entertainment is a 100-billion-dollar industry, so it is worth it. Insert a coin!

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