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General information

Niche: Adult traffic

Stream type: Adult-all

Global Alexa rank: #11,357 is among the top 1000 sites in Germany (the Alexa rank is #889) and Spain (the Alexa rank is #804). In turn, the Alexa rank is #11,357 over the past 90 days. takes 12th place at the Top Free Porn websites according to the PornDude rating.

About the website Porngo

“Somebody bought the PornGo domain more than 15 years ago, but their current incarnation didn’t hit the Internet till July 2019. That’s a brand, spanking new sex tube, but they’re pulling some decent traffic. The numbers are already over half a million per month, and the graph is pointing straight up. That means we’re getting in there on the ground floor, and I really hope it lives up to the hype.”


Hundreds of newly uploaded videos on a daily basis make this website a sweet lollipop, attracted by sexual hunger. All the content is available for free and without registration. Despite this, the site has tons of regular users. Nevertheless, one of the most required metrics such as Pageviews per Visitor is pretty high according to website metrics provided by Alexa.

So still what’s so hot about this site?

  • thousands of full-length, premium porn scenes
  • top studios and porn stars
  • regular updates
  • and the hottests categories by productions: Brazzers, Reality Kings, TUSHY, Naughty America and others

Content Restrictions of Porngo

To use Porngo, you confirm that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age or 21 years of age, depending on the age of majority in your jurisdiction you reside and from which you access the website. abides by a zero-tolerance policy relating to any illegal content. 

Child Pornography, bestiality, rape, torture, snuff, death, and/or any other type of obscene and/or illegal material shall not be tolerated by Porngo. Porngo takes seriously all laws against child pornography.

Device Grades

Users’ device engagement is shared between mobile phones (74,9%) and desktops (21,9%), tablets (2,8%).

Usage share of browsers

The browser types statistic is mainly shared between Chrome (64%), Safari (13%), UC Browser (8%), Firefox (3%), Internet Explorer (3%), Samsung Internet (3%), Opera (2%) and others.

Adaptive location targets

The website audience is very diverse and located all over the world. However, the major part of visitors come from the following countries: United States, Germany, Japan, France, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, Philippines, India, Poland, Canada, Spain, China, Singapore, Netherlands, Greece, Ukraine, Mexico, Egypt, and others.

CPM prices per Pop-unders ad type

United States$1.18
United  Kingdom$0.72

CPM prices per Banner ad type

United States $0.0311
United Kingdom $0.0265
Germany $0.0220
Greece $0.0213
China $0.0176
France $0.0175
Italy $0.0166
Netherlands $0.0150
Singapore $0.0146
Poland $0.0132
Japan $0.0087
Mexico $0.0050
Philippines $0.0028
Egypt $0.0028  

Ad formats of Porngo website performs very well on Nutra, Webcams, Gaming, E-commerce (sex toys). If you have offers from one of the following verticals, we highly recommend buying traffic from this website.

Final thoughts

We all know that the adult niche is very competitive and well converted. Here in Traforama, we precisely collect only highly-rated adult content websites for you to advertise at. Whether you aim to encourage customers to interact with your website or generate sales, our TOP Rated Websites review and easy-to-use tools will help you reach them. To find more detailed information about, check its media kit. To make any account arrangements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your manager or just drop us a line via

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