“She Earns an Average of €3,000 a Month”: How AI Models Have Taken Over Adult Platforms and How Much You Can Earn from It

AI tools produce increasingly realistic content. While some worry that AI will soon replace them, others are capitalizing on the new opportunities and making money from them. 

This trend is also evident on OnlyFans, where there is a growing presence of AI models on similar platforms. The competition among women on these platforms is already fierce, and now they face the added challenge of competing with “perfect beauties” created by AI.

AI models generate comparable content and engage with subscribers in much the same way as real models do. They can achieve similar, if not higher, earnings without requiring compensation for their work or imposing any restrictions on content requests or work schedules.

AI-generated models are barely distinguishable from real women. Advanced AI tools can produce images so realistic that the average observer would not suspect they are viewing an artificial creation.

This article delves into the ways in which AI models are revolutionizing the adult entertainment industry, the substantial earnings they generate, and the intricate processes involved in their creation.

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How Much AI Models Earn on Fanvue and Reddit

Platforms similar to OnlyFans draw a substantial user base due to their diverse and customizable monetization tools. Models can generate revenue through subscriptions, individual posts, and user tips. Another way for OnlyFans models to seriously boost their income is by teaming up with adult affiliate programs. By sharing unique affiliate links for products and services they love, they can earn commissions on any sales or sign-ups from their followers.

When AI models exhibit the appearance of real women, consistently publish content, and channel traffic from other social media platforms, their earnings can rival those of traditional models on OnlyFans.

For example, Emily Pellegrini, an AI-created girl, has gained 137 000 followers on her Instagram in the last four months. 

She has made over $10,000 selling photos through Fanvue.

She frequently receives messages from prominent billionaires, footballers, tennis players, and MMA fighters inviting her to meet in Dubai, while being oblivious to the fact that she doesn’t exist in reality.

In another account, two students jokingly created an AI model named Claudia and registered her on Reddit. 

They shared content featuring Claudia and sold explicit images, managing to accrue approximately $100 before Claudia was exposed as an AI-generated creation.

Another prominent AI model is Aitana Lopez

The irony lies in the fact that her artificial origin is widely known, yet this does not hinder her from gaining a substantial social media following, participating in advertisements, and selling content on Fanvue, a platform similar to OnlyFans.

“She earns an average of €3,000 a month, though there have been times when Aitana’s earnings exceeded €10,000,” says Ruben Cruz, founder of The Clueless agency.

These examples represent just a few of the most famous AI-generated models. The actual number of such “girls” remains unknown.

It is evident that one cannot anticipate earning tens of thousands of dollars immediately with an AI model. For comparison, here is what actual women who sell content on OnlyFans report about their average earnings:

“My first payment was $400, which was also the minimum, and the maximum was $3,500 a month. Now I consistently earn $1,000, averaging around $2,000,” says Yulia Poddubnaya, an OnlyFans model.

“Everyone starts with small earnings, up to $100, but over time the income increases proportionally to the effort put in. An OnlyFans model can earn any amount, from thousands to millions,” says Diana Sedova, an OnlyFans model.

“In the first month, I earned $2,000, and every subsequent month my earnings doubled because I invested a lot of money to attract new audiences,” says an anonymous OnlyFans model.

Earnings on OnlyFans are influenced by a variety of factors, including subscription and content pricing, the frequency of posts, and subscriber count. While it is possible to control these elements, doing so requires time and additional resources. Many models suggest initially enhancing their social media presence and subsequently directing traffic to OnlyFans or comparable platforms.

For instance, models on Fansly have demonstrated notable results:

Regarding AI models, it is essential to possess proficiency in using AI tools and producing high-quality content that remains unquestioned and credible. You can always find a list of AI content generation tools over on Partnerkin.com.

In the initial phases of deploying an AI model on platforms akin to OnlyFans, it is advisable to set lower prices for subscriptions and paid posts.

How AI Models Are Created

Alex Valaitis, a prominent AI analyst, forecasts that by 2025, a majority of the popular OnlyFans accounts will be operated by men who generate images of nude women using AI technologies. 

Initially, producing adult content via AI was a formidable challenge. Early pioneers resorted to using deepfake technology, which involves superimposing faces onto pre-existing photos and videos. Nonetheless, such content lacks originality and is frequently rejected by platforms like OnlyFans. 

AI Innovations in Replication

Contemporary AI tools possess the capability to generate content that is either entirely unique or closely resembling the original. The latter, termed  “nearly unique,” involves generating content based on specific references. This method finds significant application among OnlyFans models seeking to create digital replicas of themselves. With just a handful of authentic photographs, they can curate content that lasts for years.

Consider the case of Gina Stewart, who is over 50 years of age, and had previously graced the pages of Playboy and OnlyFans. Opting for a hiatus, she embarked on an experiment by crafting a digital doppelgänger based on her younger self. 

To train the AI, she provided approximately 1,000 images captured from various angles, encompassing both clothed and unclothed poses. This endeavor led to the creation of “AI Gina,” a 28-year-old digital persona hailing from California.

A further example to consider is that of Sika Moon, whose creator fabricates content derived from authentic photographs, subsequently enhancing them through the application of such software as Photoshop or FaceApp. Throughout her period of active engagement, she earned €40,000.

One more big name in the adult industry, Caryn Marjorie, has taken a different approach to AI. Instead of just letting the tech do all the work, she used her own photos and data to create an AI clone of herself. And guess what? She’s raking in a jaw-dropping $5 million every month! But let’s be real: achieving these kinds of earnings on OnlyFans alone would be nearly impossible.

Riley Wood, another well-known figure within the realm of OnlyFans, ventured into more intricate territory. She established numerous accounts on both OnlyFans and Reddit, each featuring personas of varying ethnic backgrounds. 

She used her photos to create several personas, aiming to cover as many subreddit themes as possible. However, the platform quickly detected something, which led to the prompt suspension of her accounts.

Services for Creating AI Models

There are special services to help create content for OnlyFans from scratch. For example, Midjourney V6 has reached a new level of realism, making it nearly impossible to distinguish its generated models from real people. Check out this article for an in-depth look at what this program is all about. Here are examples of what Midjourney can generate with prompts like “Interior selfie of a woman with [describe appearance], shot on a low camera quality phone.” 

However, this service has limitations and cannot produce explicit content.

While explicit content isn’t necessary for successful earnings on OnlyFans, some models thrive solely on appealing facial features and bikini imagery. Given OnlyFans’ reputation for 18+ material, it becomes pertinent to explore services proficient in generating such content. 

These generators come in two types:

  1. Prompt-driven interfaces, where users articulate requests and the system produces images in response: SoulGen, OnlyFakes, PornWorks, PornLabs, and Sexy.ai. Here are some of the results:

  1. Menu-driven interfaces, where users specify attributes such as hair color, environment, attire, and model characteristics: Made.porn, PornPen, PornJourney, and Pornderful.

Among these, PornPen and Made.porn reign supreme in terms of popularity and refinement, having debuted roughly at the same time. 

Here’s what PornPen.AI can do:

In Made.porn, the generated images look more realistic, detailed, and refined than in PornPen.AI.

The Utilization of ChatGPT within the Realm of OnlyFans

Patrons on OnlyFans exhibit a readiness to pay not only for explicit imagery but also for interactive engagement. So, it’s crucial for models to engage with their audience. ChatGPT and other AI tools for generating text messages are invaluable for this purpose.

Thus, it becomes imperative for models to actively cultivate a dialogue with their audience. That is why ChatGPT and analogous AI-driven text generation tools emerge as indispensable aids.

It is noteworthy that ChatGPT is not exclusive to AI models; even real-life models leverage its benefits. AI communication eases the workload by offering consistent availability, impartial responses uninfluenced by mood, and an endless capacity to address repetitive inquiries.

ChatGPT fundamentally redefines the landscape, rendering textual compositions indistinguishable from those authored by human hands. Consequently, users remain oblivious to the artificial origins of the textual narrative and don’t realize that the stories are the fantasy of an AI tool, not a sultry beauty.

Case Study: How to Monetize an AI Model

The author of the Telegram channel “Diary of a Positive Person” conducted an experiment to explore the potential of earning through the creation of their own AI model.

Creating the Model and Finding Traffic

The author crafted the model by following instructional videos on YouTube, resulting in the following outcome:

After generating a series of images, the author embarked on a quest to drive traffic, opting for three primary sources:

  1. Twitter;

  1. Instagram;

  1. TikTok (Though quickly met with an account suspension, making this channel ineffective).

On Instagram, the author initiated a fresh account without using bots. On the first day, the author started following various pages and uploading content. They employed the program HelloFace to create reels and stories.

One effective way to generate traffic is through specialized ad networks. Most professional models prefer using networks like Traforama, which allows for targeted advertising across specific content types and niches. It also provides access to over 2000 adult websites in key areas, including Tier 1 countries, Europe, and Asia.

If you are just starting out, Traforama will provide a dedicated manager to guide you through the setup process and assist in preparing your advertising materials, ensuring your content is well integrated into the platform.


The principal avenue of monetization was Fanvue, a platform similar to OnlyFans yet exhibiting greater receptivity towards AI models. 

People started subscribing and paying for memberships. The author engaged in sending messages and doing various collaborations. Nevertheless, upon attempting to withdraw earnings, the account faced suspension.

This happened because the author had uploaded two deepfake videos, which are strictly monitored on the platform. The inability to verify sole authorship of the content, independent of program intervention, led to the account blockage, precluding fund retrieval.

The author’s secondary avenue for monetization involved Ko-fi, employing a “buy me a coffee” framework, though the returns were modest.

Numerous AI models publicly disclose their donation statistics. One model garnered $100 within a day through this service, underscoring the significance of securing a patron willing to make recurrent purchases of coffee throughout the way.

Furthermore, Patreon served as another monetization avenue, yielding the subsequent statistics:

While visitors engaged with the page and expressed appreciation through likes, monetary contributions remained relatively low.

“There is definitely money in this area, but the competition is enormous. If you look at Instagram, hundreds of accounts are created every day. So if you use multiple traffic sources, you’ll definitely make enough for some sushi, but there’s no easy money here. I’m sharing my personal experience, maybe you’ll have a flood of paying subscribers. You never know until you try. Good luck!” — Author of the case study and the Telegram channel “Diary of Positivity.”


AI technologies are expanding the horizons of affiliate marketing and offering avenues for generating revenue from adult-oriented content without the involvement of actual models. The authenticity of the generated content is progressively improving, making it increasingly challenging to distinguish AI from genuine photographs. This notably speeds up the operations on platforms like OnlyFans and its counterparts.

AI-driven models can yield their creators several thousand dollars per month. The creation of lifelike imagery and personas doesn’t necessitate specialized skills or expertiseж; dedicated programs and services handle the process. The remaining task lies in selecting appropriate monetization strategies and determining what content to focus on.

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