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It’s no secret that a significant number of advertising platforms and ad networks are trying to keep their publisher a secret. But Traforama DOES NOT, we are proud of them. We want to be fully transparent with our clients. That is why we provide our advertisers with the essential features to have complete control of their ads using Marketplace, Full Statistics with spots and domain breakdowns, direct messaging, Blog, et.

Marketplace section

So let’s start from the beginning. As the first step on the Traforama platform, we recommend visiting our Marketplace section. Here you can choose the Stream and Ad Format and review all domains and spots we have. Moreover, we provide: Traffic quality, the average number of impressions per day, Alexa rank, and a short description of the particular ad placement.

Spot Lists

Another feature you definitely should try is the Spots List. So, right here, in the Marketplace section, you may select spots you like and create a spots list. In the future, you can use it as a whitelist in a campaign’s settings. Sounds great!

Detailed Statistics

What else? If you’ve already started your first ad campaign, you can review reports with details. To create a report with a domain breakdown, visit the section Full Statistic. Then choose Ad type, Date range, and Referer Hosts grouping. Press “Update” and it’s done! You can also export this report to CSV.

You can follow the same procedure when creating a report with a spot breakdown. Please choose Ad type, Date range, and Spot grouping. Press “Update” and get the data.

Contact publishers directly

As soon as you have great results with some particular publisher and have any question or want to discuss a requirement for buying back traffic with specific targeting, you can send a direct message to the publisher. WOW!

Go back to the Marketplace section, find the domain or the spot, and send a message. The publisher will receive this message by email and can reply to you. So look forward to getting an email from Traforama support with the publisher’s answer.

You can find more detailed information about our publishers on our Blog as we started the TOP Rated Websites Reviews

Traforama is a place where advertisers and publishers meet each other with no intermediaries. Join us, and feel free to email your ideas to

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