Traforama 2022 recap

Oh, what a year it’s been! Despite all the challenges we all faced, the year has been productive and full of achievements.

We continued adding new publishers for your direct campaigns, creating new features, upgrading old ones, and making the Traforama platform as brilliant as you want it to be! We will continue this work in the upcoming year, so stay tuned for the 2023 recap. It will definitely be even more impressive!

Well, let’s recap and see Traforama’s highlights of 2022!

Billions of processed impressions

In 2022, the Traforama platform has processed over 592 billion impressions!! 

The division by ad format looks like this:

We’ve analyzed the stats and found out that:

Banner continued to be the most popular ad format in 2022, just as it was the previous year. 

Popunder was the best-performing format in 2022. So make sure to use it in your next campaign if you still haven’t tried this format. 

Interstitial has turned out to be the fastest-growing format this year. Definitely worth your attention if you still haven’t tried it!


In 2022, we’ve continued growing our inventory and added some really great new publishers. But that’s not all. We’ve continued our fruitful collaboration with the biggest and best-quality publishers in the industry. Let’s look at the year’s results in this regard. 

Top direct publishers

If you’ve been with us for some time, you’ve definitely worked with at least some of these top publishers, if not all of them. They offer the best quality traffic in the industry. 

Let’s look at their current stats and top GEOs in 2022.

Allporncomic, as the name suggests, is a resource of free porn comics (hentai, cartoon, manga, retro, etc.) The website is #80 in the adult niche in the US and offers Banner, In-Page Push, and Popunder ad spots.

Allporncomic has over 

Unique monthly usersBanner daily impressionsPopunder daily impressions

Their main GEOs are 


Xfantazy is a free porn tube with a mix of amateur and professional content. The available ad formats include Banner, In-Page Push, In-video, and Popunder.

The website has an impressive and continuously growing traffic volume.

Monthly unique visitsDaily impressions on banners 

The top GEOs are 


Hdsex is a massive source of porn videos, both provided by the platform and uploaded by the user. The ad formats they offer are Banner, In-Page Push, In-Video, Interstitial, Popunder, and Slider. 

Unique users per monthBanner daily impressionsPopunder daily impressions In-Video daily impressions

Their most popular GEOs are 


Analdin is another big source of free adult video content. The publisher offers Banner, In-Page Push, In-Video, Interstitial, Popunder, and Slider placements. 

Unique monthly usersBanner daily impressions Popunder daily impressions

The top GEOs are 


XOZilla comes with a huge catalog of free adult videos, many of which are uploaded by users. The publisher supports Banner, In-Page Push, In-Video, Interstitial, Popunder, and Slider formats. Their traffic looks like this:

Unique users per monthBanner daily impressionsPopunder daily impressions

The top GEOs are 

IndiaUSGermanyFranceUK is a huge collection of porn videos on various topics and in various genres, from classic to exotic. The ad formats they offer include Banner, In-Video, Popunder, and Slider. 

Unique users per monthDaily impressions on BannerDaily impressions on Slider

The top GEOs are 





Porntry is a vast source of free porn videos and live streams. Their ad formats are Banner, In-Video, Interstitial, Popunder, and Slider. 

Unique users per monthDaily impressions on BannerDaily impressions on Interstitial

The top GEOs are 






XTits has an impressive collection of free adult content for registered and unregistered users. The publisher’s ad formats are Banner, In-Page Push, In-Video, Interstitial, Popunder, and Slider. 

Unique users per monthDaily Banner impressionsDaily In-Video impressions

The top GEOs are 




                                                         Buy traffic from XTits

XXXDan boasts a huge collection of adult video content in various categories. The website comes in different languages and offers Banner, In-Page Push, In-Video, Interstitial, Popunder, and Slider ad formats.

Unique users per monthDaily Banner impressions Daily Slider impressions

The top GEOs:


XTapes comes with a great collection of free porn videos, updated daily. Their ad formats are Banner, In-page Push, Popunder, and Slider.

Unique users per monthDaily Banner impressions Daily In-Page Push impressions

The top GEOs are 


New publishers

We are sure we’ll see some of these new publishers among the best ones of 2023:

Available formats: 

  • Popunder 1570436  
  • In-page push 6975639  

Top GEOs: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong 

Available formats: 

  • Popunder 112486
  • In-page push 400329

Top GEOs: Japan, United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan

Available formats: 

  • Popunder 46215
  • In-page push 180578

Top GEOs: Japan, Thailand, United States, Indonesia, Malaysia

Available formats:

  • In-page push 84774
  • Popunder 22675

Top GEOs: Japan, Thailand, United States, Malaysia, Philippines

Available formats:

  • Popunder 103852
  • Banner 651838
  • In-stream Preroll 150577
  • Slider 252471

Top GEOs: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy

Available formats:

  • Popunder 69034 
  • In-page push 132523
  • Banner 118584

Top GEOs: South Africa, United States, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe

Available formats:

  • Popunder 40478
  • Banner 74872

Top GEOs: China, United States, Indonesia, India, United Kingdom

Available formats:

  • Popunder 14101
  • Banner 3193928
  • In-page push 2209110

Top GEOs: India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, United States, China 

Available formats:

  • Popunder 10826
  • Banner 144309

Top GEOs: United States, Russia, India, Czech Republic, Germany

Available formats:

  • Popunder 552072
  • In-video Preroll  263445
  • Banner 8851377
  • In-page push 1875688

Top GEOs: India, United States, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam

Pornhub is finally among the premium external publishers

We know you’ve been waiting for this one! Pornhub is now available as an external premium quality publisher. They’ve already shown awesome conversion results for nutra, betting, gambling, and gaming offers.

When you add Pornhub to your Traforama white list, ensure your ads are in line with their requirements, Pornhub does not allow free tube ads and aggressive ads. 

Top Features

Our tech team tirelessly works on upgrading Traforama’s features and adding new ones you ask for. Here are the top features we’ve added in 2022. 

RTB self-serve interface

This feature has been on your wish list too. So, of course, we made it. The interface allows not only buying traffic from direct publishers with the Real Time Bidding model but also setting up fees and targeting. 

Every ad format Traforama supports is available for RTB integration. So go ahead and join the direct traffic auctions!

New payment methods

USDT TRC-20 and USDT ERC-20 are popular payment methods among publishers and advertisers, so we’ve made sure they are available at Traforama.

Revamped Marketplace

We can bet the Marketplace is your favorite feature on the Traforama platform! It is even more awesome after its latest update. We’ve made the Marketplace dashboard more informative and easy to use. Here’s the complete overview of the Traforama Marketplace. 

The insights on CPM rates in 2022

PopundereCPM  Recommended CPM 
India$          0.30$                0.35
United States$          1.73$                2.04
Germany$          1.26$                1.54
China$          1.30$                1.76
Japan$          0.87$                1.08
France$          1.21$                1.50
United Kingdom$          1.55$                1.82
Egypt$          0.20$                0.28
Italy$          1.12$                1.17
Russia$          0.86$                1.08
Malaysia$          0.92$                1.07
Thailand$          1.36$                1.49
Vietnam$          0.53$                0.66
Netherlands$          1.02$                1.51
Poland$          0.92$                0.89
Spain$          1.29$                1.07
Iraq$          0.28$                0.34
Brazil$          1.39$                1.00
Singapore$          0.75$                1.01
Indonesia$          0.27$                0.37
Canada$          1.53$                1.64
Republic of Korea$          1.01$                1.23
BannereCPM  Recommended CPM 
India$    0.004$                 0.004
United States$    0.031$                 0.032
Germany$    0.024$                 0.024
China$    0.045$                 0.046
France$    0.018$                 0.023
United Kingdom$    0.027$                 0.028
Canada$    0.031$                 0.036
Italy$    0.020$                 0.020
Bangladesh$    0.009$                 0.011
Malaysia$    0.019$                 0.020
Netherlands$    0.017$                 0.019
Russia$    0.008$                 0.013
Thailand$    0.033$                 0.024
Brazil$    0.010$                 0.009
Spain$    0.030$                 0.029
Poland$    0.019$                 0.017
Japan$    0.027$                 0.026
Indonesia$    0.010$                 0.011
Singapore$    0.017$                 0.020
Algeria$    0.003$                 0.003
Nepal$    0.003$                 0.003
Mexico$    0.010$                 0.011
In-video PrerolleCPM  Recommended CPM 
India$          0.022$            0.035
United States$          0.439$            0.607
Germany$          0.312$            0.460
China$          0.223$            0.299
Russia$          0.109$            0.133
France$          0.278$            0.440
Italy$          0.155$            0.287
United Kingdom$          0.342$            0.516
Brazil$          0.102$            0.239
Spain$          0.151$            0.310
Poland$          0.160$            0.242
Malaysia$          0.193$            0.363
Netherlands$          0.221$            0.302
Canada$          0.424$            0.648
Algeria$          0.029$            0.047
Japan$          0.182$            0.374
Bangladesh$          0.039$            0.056
Indonesia$          0.058$            0.087
Egypt$          0.029$            0.047
Singapore$          0.172$            0.249
Mexico$          0.074$            0.212
Thailand$          0.160$            0.307

So there you have it, Traforama’s 2022 recap at a glance. 

We wish you a Happy Hanukkah, Mary Christmas, and Happy New Year! May all your campaigns convert 100%! 

Have an idea on how to make Traforama even better? Have an insight on how to add more quality traffic sources? Have a concern or just want to say hi? We are always happy to hear from you! Email us at

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