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Have you ever been frustrated with the networks’ practice of hiding the publishing domains? We bet you have! Their motivation is to protect their assets, they are simply afraid their publishers will be approached outside the network’s platform.

We completely understand the networks’ desire to keep their publishers concealed. However, we also appreciate the advertisers’ need to know exactly where your ads are published, maybe even custom-make the creatives to fit that particular publishing spot. Wouldn’t it be nice to address your concerns and even make new deals with the publisher directly? You know it would be great!

Traforama values transparency and efficiency. That’s why we strive to make our platform a convenient hub where advertisers, media buyers, networks, and agencies can both buy traffic from websites directly and communicate with them. The Traforama Marketplace is one of the biggest parts of this hub we are creating. Especially after its latest update. 

This post will walk you through the updated Marketplace and show you what it can do for your next campaign. 

What is Traforama Marketplace?

The Marketplace is basically a showcase of all the domains already available for direct deals. Additionally, there are some premium traffic sources that can interest you. Basically, the Marketplace gives you complete control over your inventory sources. Below we will show you how.

If you already know how awesome Traforama is but are not sure where the marketplace is, you can find it in your dashboard here:


There are thousands of publishing domains available on the Traforama Marketplace. Accordingly, to help you find the ones to fit your campaign best, we’ve added these filters:


The title filter is convenient if you know exactly which websites you want to place your ads at. So if you worked with them before, or you know the website, that interests you, works with Traforama or you just want to check if they work with us, use this filter. 

Moreover, partial search works here too. So if you are interested in hentai, for example, typing the word in the Title filter will find you all the domains with the term hentai in their titles. 

Ad type

There are 6 ad types Traforama works with. So you can filter the websites by the ad types they offer: 

  • Popunder
  • Interstitial
  • Banner
  • In-video (VAST link url)
  • Slider (VAST link url)
  • In-page push (link url)

And for the banner type there’s a separate filter by the banner size. The supported sizes are:

  • 300×250
  • 300×100
  • 728×90
  • 468×60
  • 120×90
  • 250×250


You can find websites from different niches on the Marketplace. The Stream filter allows filtering of all the available domains by these categories:

  • Adult-all
  • Mainstream (all non-adult niches)
  • Adult-gay
  • Adult-toons
  • Adult-trans 

Traffic quality

If you want complete control over your traffic sources, you need to know exactly what traffic you are buying. Traffic quality is an essential metric in this regard. Every website we work with goes through a quality check before they get to be featured on the Marketplace. Not only do we use our unique traffic check system, we asses each website manually as well. Our team looks at the content. Specifically, we look at the quality of the content, how well the publishing website is filled with it. We also pay great attention to how well it converts/performs on various verticals. 

Publisher type

We divide Traforama publishers into direct and external. We mark as direct those domains that have our scripts on them (AdSpyglass codes). And the external publishers are the premium websites we think you might like, as Pornhub, for instance.  


If a publishing resource has an “Available” status, you can buy directly from the dashboard and create a campaign and the creatives to advertise on the resource without any extra steps.

If the availability is set to “On request,” you will need to get manual approval of every creative from the website. You can get the approvals from the website directly by contacting them. We’ll get more into that below. 

You can also reach out to our support agents via live chat or email, they will be ready to help with the approvals. 


Publishers with high quality websites are not likely to allow aggressive ads on their resources. If your offer can be considered aggressive, you should choose the “aggressive” filter to work only with those websites that will accept your offer. Don’t know if your ad is aggressive or friendly? Here’s what Traforama considers as aggressive ads. 

Targeting filters

Finally, you can select the websites by the targeting filters Device and Country. These filters allow selecting top sites not only across the whole Traforama platform but for the specific targeting you are interested in as well. 


Want your ads to be published only on Desktop? Or maybe you want to aim your campaign to wearable devices only? Traforama Marketplace has you covered! The publishing domains can be filtered by these device types:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Console
  • TV
  • Wearable


With Traforama Marketplace, you can find the domains that have traffic in the country you want. 

The table

Now let’s see what info you can get on the domains themselves. 

As we’ve already mentioned, the Traforama team and the Traforama platform consider transparency and honesty as central values. Hence, we do not conceal the domains and we do not hide any metrics or stats. You can be sure the domains list table provides accurate information on the websites. Except for the filtering metrics above, the table features: 

  • Site. The Site column provides the full domain name of the publishing resource. 
  • Volumes. This is the number of daily ad impressions.
  • Alexa rank. This rank reflects the overall traffic volumes. The lower the number, the better the rank.
  • Spot. Spot and domain are not the same thing. One site can have several spots. For example, there can be a spot on the desktop version and a different one for the mobile version. Besides, there can be different spots for different ad types or different placements on the website (for header and footer for instance). There are also instances when one spot code is placed on several websites.
  • Spot info. This column provides more details on the spots. Here you’ll see where on the website each spot is executed. Additionally, there’s info for different ad types. For the banner, you’ll get which banner type the spot is designed for, its position, and appearance (above or below the fold). And for the in-video format, you’ll see the player size and whether there’s Vpaid. 

What Traforama Marketplace allows you to do

So far, we’ve looked at the information you can get on our publishers. Now let’s see what actions you can do.

Each domain in the table has two buttons – “send message” and “buy traffic”:

Send message 

This is a unique Traforama feature. As the name suggests, this button lets you directly contact the website owner. In case you liked how a particular spot is performing and want your ads there you can simply contact the owner and make a direct deal without any intermediaries. 

Please be aware – we monitor the communication and do not allow spam, sending your personal contacts, etc.

Buy traffic

This button allows creating a campaign specifically for this domain. 


You can export the domain list in CSV or excel formats. 

Check the overall traffic volumes for your targeting

Look at the Total at the bottom of the table, and you will know the estimated number of impressions you can get for the specified targeting. 

Create white and block lists 

Using the Marketplace, you can easily create white lists of the domain you’d use for your campaigns and block lists for those you deem unworthy. Here’s a great tip on using this functionality to find the best-performing sources for your next ad campaign. 

How to use the Traforama Marketplace

Additionally to the creative way of using the Marketplace from the abovementioned example, there are two more straightforward ways to utilize the tool. 

Case study 1

We recommend this if you want to advertise only on the direct publishers. 

Check the External pub type, create a spot list, and add these spots to a block list for your campaign. 

 Case study 2     

Let’s say you want only high-quality websites with China traffic for your campaign. So as to add specific country, select China in the GEO filter and then “high” in the quality filter. Then create a list of domains and add it as a white list for your campaign. Pretty easy, isn’t it? 

To sum up

Traforama Marketplace is just a feature, an additional tool to help you make informed decisions. Of course, you can run campaigns without the block and white lists. You do not need to use the Marketplace to get all the Traforama awesomeness behind your campaigns. But if you want to have access to all the available info on your publishers, if complete manual control over your inventory sources is crucial to you, we’ve got you covered! The Marketplace is just the feature you need.

Know how to make the Marketplace even better? Have any questions or concerns? Just want to say thank you for the Traforama awesomeness? Reach out to us via email or LiveChat. We appreciate any feedback!

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