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We are continuing our series of reviews on top rated websites with an analysis of XTits, one of the biggest free porn videos and image collections. 

General information

Niche: Adult traffic

Stream type: Adult-all

Global rank: 4676 is number 589 on the adult category websites in the US. The website’s total visits amount to 13.8M worldwide. 

About the website

As the name suggests, the website declares its focus on the tits content, all shapes and sizes. You can, however, find other categories of xxx videos as well. The content on XTits is both provided by the platform and uploaded by the users. The platform is free and allows access to adult videos and images both to registered and registered users. Both registered and unregistered users can share and upload content as well. 

Website Structure

As any premium website, XTits has a well-thought-through structure with categories, channels, tags, and other means for navigating the thousands of adult videos on offer. Their distinguishing feature is the search by cup size. 

Content Restrictions

To use XTits, users confirm that they are at least eighteen years of age and/or over the age of majority in the jurisdiction they reside in and from which they access the website where the age of majority is more than eighteen years of age. 

Of course, the publisher abides by a zero-tolerance policy relating to any illegal content. So no illegal materials are permitted for upload.

Traffic and user engagement

Being a premium quality website, XTits has impressive traffic of 13.8 million monthly visitors, which continues to grow. 

Gender and age distribution

XTits users are primarily male (78.15%) and in the age range between 18 and 34. 

Audience Interests

The publisher’s visitors search for these topics and categories:

Top Countries

The top 5 countries the publisher can offer your campaign are the US, Germany, India, France, and the UK. However, the countries may vary from ad format to ad format.

Ad Formats

XTits offers a variety of advertising opportunities. The ad formats they support are Banner, In-Page Push, In-Video, Interstitial, Popunder, and Slider. You can get more details on the publisher’s ad spots at their Media Kit page

Top Verticals

XTits shows fantastic results for campaigns in these verticals:

  • Adult 
  • Gambling 
  • Dating 
  • Webcams 

A little less, yet still significant, results are in:

  • Ecommerce 
  • Nutra 
  • Betting 

CPM Rates 

Popunder CPM

US $1.61
Italy $1.08
Spain $1.07
Poland $0.54
Brazil $0.60
Netherlands $1.35
Algeria $0.18
Canada $1.35
Japan $0.67
Egypt $0.17
Mexico $0.46
Singapore $0.64


US $0.023
Germany $0.018
India $0.003
France $0.022
Italy $0.012
UK $0.024
Spain $0.014
Poland $0.011
Brazil $0.007
Netherlands $0.015
Japan $0.019
Canada $0.026
Algeria $0.003
Belgium $0.025
Egypt $0.003
Czech $0.017
Mexico $0.011
Australia $0.043
Hungary $0.011
Switzerland $0.022
Sweden $0.023
Greece $0.008

In-video Preroll

US $0.327
Germany $0.202
India $0.007
France $0.215
Italy $0.091
Spain $0.101
Poland $0.070
Brazil $0.041
UK $0.192
Netherlands $0.133
Canada $0.336
Japan $0.061
Egypt $0.012
Algeria $0.013
Mexico $0.054
Belgium $0.320
Singapore $0.088
Philippines $0.017
Romania $0.037
Greece $0.061
Australia $0.507
Sweden $0.361

How to place your ads on XTits

As you can see, XTits is one of the best publishers for your adult niche campaigns. Their traffic is of high quality, and their ad spots convert very well.

So how do you arrange a campaign with them? There’s a very straightforward way to do that.

Reach out to the publisher via the Traforama dashboard

Traforama is a transparent ad network, we do not conceal the publishers’ domains. On the contrary, we want you to know exactly where your ads are published. And we want you to have all the freedom and flexibility you want, so we allow you to contact the publisher directly to arrange a deal both of you will be happy with. 

Reaching out to XTits is easy. Just find the publisher by the domain name in the Traforama Marketplace section, choose a spot, and click the Send message button:

Don’t have a Traforama account yet? Create it here or email us at

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