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The DACH countries – Deutschland (Germany), Austria, Confœderatio Helvetica (Switzerland), and other German-speaking countries like Lichtenstein and Luxemburg are probably the most enticing markets for your adult products, betting, gaming, and gambling offers, etc. 

There are several reasons why buying adult traffic in German-speaking countries, or as they say there – adult website-verkehr kaufen, might be very rewarding. 

German-speaking countries have a high level of Internet penetration, which means that a large percentage of the population is online and can be reached through online advertising. 

These countries have strong and stable economies, meaning consumers have more disposable income for products and services.

German-speaking countries are very adept at online shopping, with many consumers using the Internet to purchase products and services.

Besides, many people in German-speaking countries are proficient in multiple languages, making creating and targeting online advertising campaigns for specific language groups easier.

While the DACH countries are generally considered socially conservative, there is a big market for adult-themed products in these countries. 

Finally,  the production and distribution of adult content, as well as selling adult products such as sex toys, pornography, and erotic literature, is legal. There are, of course, laws and regulations your ads have to be in line with.

We’ve gathered stats and interesting info on each mentioned country to help you flawlessly break into this promising market and buy German-speaking adult traffic with the best ROI. with the help of Traforama, of course.

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So, let’s look at each DACH country (plus Lichtenstein and Luxemburg) a bit closer.

Deutschen Website Traffic kaufen

Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest globally. With a population of about 83 million people, the country has an Internet penetration rate of 93% and a number of internet users of 78.02 million as of January 2022. 

The most significant portion of online ad spending in Germany goes toward search engine advertising, closely followed by display ads.

Most popular ad formats in Germany (according to Traforama and AdSpyglass stats and reports)

Video Pre-roll21649921198855,5%
In-page Push1878485171480,9%

As you can see from the table above, Banner is the most popular ad format in Germany according to the number of impressions it receives. However, the best click-through rate belongs to the video pre-roll format. 

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CPMs in Germany 

So, how much would 1000 of your German impressions cost you? Let’s take a look here:

eCPMMin CPMRecommended CPM
Banner$ 0,023 $ 0,020 $ 0,026 
Popunder$ 1,32$ 1,00$ 1,64
Video Pre-roll$ 0,411$ 0,200$ 0,466 
In-page Push$ 0,054$ 0,020$ 0,116 
Slider$ 0,265$ 0,200$ 0,279 
Interstitial$ 1,139$ 1,000$ 1,179 

As you can see, popunder and interstitial are the most expensive formats for German traffic and banner is the cheapest. 

Austria. Kaufen Sie Premium Adult Traffic

With a population of 8.9 million people, Austria is the second biggest country among the DACH. 

The internet penetration rate in the country is expected to reach 87,91% in 2023, and the number of active users is approximately 7.7 million as of 2022. 

As in Germany, search engine advertising is the largest segment of online ad spend in Austria, followed by display advertising.

Most popular ad formats in Austria

Video Pre-roll11934261235,1%
In-page Push576547541,3%


eCPMMin CPMRecommended CPM
Banner$ 0,027$ 0,010$ 0,033 
Popunder$ 2,22$ 1,00$ 2,33 
Video Pre-roll$ 0,537$ 0,200$ 0,694 
In-page Push$ 0,115$ 0,010$ 0,249 
Slider$ 0,207$ 0,200$ 0,242 
Interstitial$ 0,896$ 0,800$ 0,972 

Switzerland. Kaufen Sie Erwachsenen Traffic

With a population of 8.7 million, Switzerland is expected to reach a 92.48% internet penetration rate by the end of 2023. Currently, there are over 8 million active internet users in the country.  

Search engine advertising is the largest segment of online ad spend in Switzerland, followed by display and video advertising.

Most popular ad formats in Switzerland

Video Pre-roll13272071975,4%
In-page Push975019721,0%


eCPMMin CPMRecommended CPM
Banner$ 0,029$ 0,010$ 0,038 
Popunder$ 2,12$ 1,00$ 2,41 
Video Pre-roll$ 0,495$ 0,200$ 0,677 
In-page Push$ 0,075$ 0,010$ 0,129 
Slider$ 0,230$ 0,200$ 0,284 
Interstitial$ 0,839$ 0,800$ 0,840 

Liechtenstein and Luxembourg 

Liechtenstein (population of 38 300 people) and Luxembourg (population of 638 600 people) are the smallest German-speaking countries. However, both of them have an astounding 99% internet penetration rate. 

The online advertising market in smaller German-speaking countries is typically less developed and less competitive than in larger countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. However, these markets still have growth potential, particularly in display advertising. 

Most popular ad formats in Liechtenstein and Luxembourg


Video Pre-roll7237510,4%
In-page Push33920,6%


Video Pre-roll113188807,8%
In-page Push11972900,8%



eCPMMin CPMRecommended CPM
Banner$ 0,006$ 0,005$ 0,007 
Popunder$ 0,47$ 0,40$ 0,68 
Video Pre-roll$ 0,123$ 0,010$ 0,157 
In-page Push$ 0,062$ 0,005$ 0,094 
Slider$ 0,016$ 0,010$ 0,018 
Interstitial$ 0,307$ 0,300$ 0,312 


eCPMMin CPMRecommended CPM
Banner$ 0,013$ 0,010$ 0,014 
Popunder$ 1,00$ 0,60$ 1,20 
Video Pre-roll$ 0,392$ 0,100$ 0,614 
In-page Push$ 0,016$ 0,010$ 0,024 
Slider$ 0,161$ 0,100$ 0,194 
Interstitial$ 0,692$ 0,600$ 0,714 

How to get the best possible ROI on your German language traffic ad campaigns 

Of course, you can make your own informed decisions on buying DACH traffic based on the stats we’ve provided. But we’d love to be even more helpful, so here are some very valuable tips from the Traforama experts.

Don’t stick to just one ad format 

As you can see from the stats, Banner gets the most impressions in German-speaking countries. So you might think that sticking with banners, spending your campaign budget on them, and getting cheaper clicks will get you the best ROI. However, our experience shows that sticking to just one ad format is never a winning strategy.

The effectiveness of each ad format separately is always a lot worse than their cumulative performance. 

Divide and conquer 

So, here’s our winning strategy for getting the best ROI on your DACH ad campaigns.

As you can see from the stats, Video pre-roll, Popunder, and Interstitial provide the best CTR in the German-speaking traffic. These ad types get the most user attention, they are tough to miss. So we advise prioritizing these formats. 

So in this case, we recommend allocating 70-75% of your budget to Video pre-roll, Popunder, and Interstitial. And setting the frequency capping to 1:12.

Banner, In-page push, and Slider, on the other hand, work best as reminders. They may also be used as a kind of retargeting. So we advise dividing the last 30-25% of your campaign budget among these formats.

Our recommendation – do not limit the frequency capping for Banner, In-page push, and Slider. The more often the users see a reminder, the higher your chances of getting clicks and conversions.                                

What about verticals?

If you are looking into buying DACH traffic, you might already have a product to advertise and the research to support your targeting choices too. But if you are generally interested in German-speaking traffic and are still on the look for a suitable vertical, here are the most profitable verticals for you to consider: 

  • Webcam sites
  • Nutra ads
  • Dating websites and apps
  • Crypto ads
  • Games
  • Gambling websites and apps
  • Betting websites and apps
  • Adult websites and apps

The DACH countries share a strong cultural and economic bond and are considered to be some of the most prosperous and innovative countries in the world. Buying German-speaking traffic for your ad campaigns is definitely worth the investment. 

As shown above, getting your ads to be seen by German-speaking users is easy and cost-effective with the Traforama open market. 

Have any questions or need help setting up your German ad campaign? We are here to help!

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