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Media buying is delicate and thorough work, almost like chemistry. So we combined the expertise and cutting-edge advertising technology to make our platform as convenient as possible to reach your business goals effortlessly.

Find direct publishers on Traforama!

Track conversions, set up targeting, get profit.


No hidden domains. Access an entire list of domains per each ad type and stream available on Traforama at the Marketplace section. You can set up a spot and domain filter to avoid buying irrelevant traffic.

location targeting

Traforama allows you to apply a large number of geo-filters at once, such as countries, regions, cities, and languages.
Moreover, you can choose a specific Internet service provider, a group of IPs, IP range, or an IP mask. All those make it very easy to set up for retargeting ad campaigns.

device targeting

To reach your desired audience use the devices and user agents filters. Pick specific versions of browsers and platforms to address your viewers.

Complete set
of advertising campaign limits

Take everything under control. Set up time frames, weekdays, or hourly filters. Approach impressions or budget limits: arrange them per hour, day, or in total. Try hourly frequency capping for each spot or domain to test all the websites and stay within budget.


TTraforama's platform provides you a tool to track not only the final conversions but the bullet points on your marketing funnel, analyze them, find a bottleneck. There are two options to track conversions: use a tracking Pixel or Server to server Postback URL.
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