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Welcome to Traforama

Yo, dude! 🖖 What's up? So, can you tell me more about Traforama?
Hey, man! Sure thing! Traforama is a sweet spot 🍭 to find high-quality traffic directly from publishers. You can either go for direct campaigns, flat deals, or Real-time bidding integration to purchase traffic.
Sounds like you guys have a ton of direct traffic. Where do you get it all from?
Hah. Traforama is actually one of the 💖 awesome brands that's part of the Adspyglass Group ™️. Adspyglass Group includes a traffic distribution platform that has 1000+ direct publishers. So, when you use Traforama, you get the hookup to all these webmasters, and you'll be added to the rotation! It's like being part of a super cool club.
Cooperate with familiar publishers without fees!
Is there a lot of traffic? Do they have many publishers, for example?    
They have more than 1000 publishers at the moment.
Are the single-website publishers, or some of them manage a few sites?
From the websites’ standpoint, they have about 2’000 websites. And if you have a question about common daily traffic, I’ll answer - more than 30M visitors daily! 🤑
Taking into account their quality these numbers are pretty high!
More than 30M visitors daily!
Ok, I'm interested in getting high-quality traffic. What is the pricing model 💸? Is it CPA or CPM?
You know, most publishers prefer the CPM model, and that's how Traforama works. But we wanted to make sure we've got your back, so there is a unique feature where we recalculate CPA to CPM. 🙌
Hmmm, can you explain how it works?
Easily! All you need is to set up a conversion tracker, to specify the test budget and initial CPM. After that, the system takes over and adjusts the CRM for each traffic source and location based on how it's performing.💰 Making money is a breeze!
Search within available websites and spots to choose only the best one!
Hey, you mentioned earlier about buying traffic through 🤝 flat deals. Can you tell me more about that?
Sure thing! Flat deals allow you to purchase traffic exclusively from a chosen website or a targeted segment. You can either pay a fixed amount for a specific period of time or a fixed CPM rate.
Interesting...🧐 So, let's say I wanted to buy all the popunder traffic from a website like Pornhub, could I just pay a fixed amount?
(laughs) 😆 Sorry, you can't buy traffic from Pornhub through flat deals, but Traforama does have a wide variety of 🏷️ flat deals available for you to choose from. And if you want to negotiate the price with the website owner, you can do that too.
Ah, got it. That sounds really cool.
Invite your partners to the platform and work with them for free.
Yo, listen up! I'm looking to buy your traffic in bulk. Can you make that happen?
Absolutely, my friend! Traforama's got you covered. We can seamlessly connect with XML and JSON feeds and open RTB endpoints.
🤩 Cool, but is this integration gonna be a headache?
Nah, don't sweat it. If you've got your own ad server 💾, you're good to go. Then our support squad will lend you a hand with the 🔌 integration process.
Interesting stuff. So, what are the next steps?
You'll be the boss of managing those feeds yourself! 🛠️ And guess what? Traforama is the pioneer self-serve platform when it comes to buying RTB traffic. Pretty rad, huh?
Invite you partners to the platform and work with them for free!
You've said that it's profitable for you. Does it mean that Traforama will be expensive for me?
No chance 🙅 Here at Traforama they have reduced all fees to its minimum, while direct cooperation is completely free. I guarantee that it will be much cheaper for you to deal with ads here than wherever.
If I caught it right: They provide advertisers with high-quality traffic from top publishers, but their prices are lower. How can that possible?😲
This is Traforama my friend. This place is marvelous 🌈
Get high-quality direct traffic from top publishers at a fair price!
Time-tested and reliable

Ad Formats at Traforama

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Integration formats


for direct advertisers and media buyers
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for ad networks and media agencies
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Payment methods

Traforama supports the following payment methods
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Direct approach to top publishers

Access a full list of direct publishers with ratings and detailed website statistics. Advertising has never been so easy and transparent!
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Why Traforama?

What’s under the hood?
An image that convey Direct communication
Direct communication with publishers via private chats
Absolute transparency for all participants of the market
An image that convey Absolute transparency
An image that convey Ad management
Ad management via an intuitive interface or restful API
Fair facts & statistics about websites from other advertisers' reviews
An image that convey Fair facts & statistics
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Fully optimized for the self-service
Independent and reliable conversion tracker & traffic analyzer
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Direct deals between advertiser and publisher

without needless intermediaries
Direct deals between advertiser and publisherDirect deals between advertiser and publisherDirect deals between advertiser and publisher


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