Meet publishers and make direct deals with them

Welcome to Traforama

I’m not sure what is Traforama 🤔
Let me explain 🤓 This is a platform where we can directly cooperate without any fees, and access all the needed tools for publishing and advertising. 
Wait..What?! No fees? 😲
Exactly, sir! 🙂
OMG! Haha 🤑 I’ll spend the fee money on your traffic then! 
Cooperate with familiar publishers without fees!
So, is Traforama a DSP?      
Oh no… It’s something much bigger and better than usual DSP 🤤 Imagine: You can search through all available websites and spots and choose specific ones to advertise there!
So, instead of buying trash-traffic in bulk, I may accurately choose particular traffic sources and work with them only?
Exactly. Do you realize what the power you’ve just got?⚔️
It sounds too good to be true…😮My man, why didn’t we use it earlier??
Choose specific websites and spots among all publishers at Traforama! 
How can I make a direct deal with a website owner? Where should I take his contact? How can I reach out to him?
Wow-wow, relax 🤤 These questions have already been resolved. There is a direct chat on the platform. In other words, to reach out to the publisher, you need only to start a conversation by pressing a button. 🥱
Like a messenger? Inside Ad Network?
Correct. You may use it for concluding a deal, day-to-day conversations, chatting about stats, etc. As I said: Everything in one place. 
Invite your partners to the platform and work with them for free.
Is there a lot of traffic? Do they have many publishers, for example?    
They have more than 500 publishers at the moment.
Are the single-website publishers, or some of them manage a few sites?
From the websites’ standpoint, they have about 2’000 websites. And if you have a question about common daily traffic, I’ll answer - more than 30M visitors daily! 🤑
Taking into account their quality these numbers are pretty high!
More than 30M visitors daily!
I have one publisher who should be interested, but he’s not here. What may I do?
I should say that you’re very lucky guys!
Hmm..Why is it? 🤔
Because everyone can invite his partner (publisher or advertiser) to Traforama, and in that case, they will cooperate with 0-fees!!Just invite him to join, and that’s it!
Really? I’m calling him RIGHT NOW! 
Invite you partners to the platform and work with them for free!
You've said that it's profitable for you. Does it mean that Traforama will be expensive for me?
No chance 🙅 Here at Traforama they have reduced all fees to its minimum, while direct cooperation is completely free. I guarantee that it will be much cheaper for you to deal with ads here than wherever.
If I caught it right: They provide advertisers with high-quality traffic from top publishers, but their prices are lower. How can that possible?😲
This is Traforama my friend. This place is marvelous 🌈
Get high-quality direct traffic from top pu blishers at a fair price!
Time-tested and reliable

Ad Formats at Traforama

Integration formats


for direct advertisers and media buyers
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for ad networks and media agencies
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Payment methods

Traforama supports the following payment methods

Direct approach to top publishers

Access a full list of direct publishers with ratings and detailed website statistics. Advertising has never been so easy and transparent!
daily audience

Why Traforama?

What’s under the hood?
Direct communication with publishers via private chats
Absolute transparency for all participants of the market
Ad management via an intuitive interface or restful API
Fair facts & statistics about websites from other advertisers' reviews
Fully optimized for the self-service
Independent and reliable conversion tracker & traffic analyzer

Direct deals between advertiser and publisher

without needless intermediaries


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