Top Affiliate Tracking Software Review

The essential tool to run any advertising campaign is a tracker. Otherwise, it’s like stumbling around in the dark looking for treasure. So let’s sweeten ??? this world of digital goals addicted by reviewing top affiliate tracking platforms in the industry and seeing what different features each has.


Keitaro is a server-type tracker with a highly responsive and flexible interface. It allows you to make A/B tests on any landing pages and offers of any combinations and targeting. 

Other essential features:  

  • 30+ metrics for accurate reporting
  • lots of geo-targeting filters and grouping by specific parameters
  • No events number limitations at the basic rate
  • redirect speed is less than 10 ms

Follow our step-by-step traffic purchases setting up using Keitaro here.


Binom is a well-known tracker which deals with high traffic volumes and offers fast response times. Binom has an easy user interface and some of the quickest processing speeds in the industry at seven milliseconds per click.

Some notable features include:

  • No traffic volume restrictions
  • A commission-based management system with flexible rates
  • Customizable reports and in-depth data analytics
  • System support and up-to-date reporting


BeMob is a cloud-based platform set up with a free service plan aimed at beginners. BeMob allows users to create customizable workspaces and create their own presets for campaigns. 

Some other features:

  • Advanced tracking systems
  • Impeccable conversion tracking with 11 AWS regions
  • Landing page and banner tracking
  • Calculates the percentage of traffic loss per source  


AdsBridge is affiliate tracking software and is one of the biggest web-based platforms in the industry. AdsBridge allows for easy integration with partner platforms and contains its own smartlinks and lander builder. 

Other features you get:

  • The platform allows for split and A/B testing
  • An HTML editor to create ready-made landing pages from templates
  • A bot filtration system to remove unwanted bot traffic
  • Up-to-date data analytics from clicks, conversion, profits, and more


Voluum has won many accolades as one of the best racking platforms in the industry. Voluum is a cloud-based tracker that is integrated with Google Ads and Facebook. Voluum has some of the fastest processing speeds in the industry and includes extra features such as the Automizer and a mobile app. 

Other innovative elements such as: 

  • There is AI-driven automatic campaign optimization 
  • Real-time reporting with information on country, device type, and browser
  • There are anti-fraud applications and 
  • Redirectless tracking and up to 24 months of logged data history

Follow our step-by-step traffic purchases setting up using Voluum here.


Redtrack is another cloud-based affiliate tracker boosting many features with plans for both teams and agencies at a competitive price. RedTrack has a high level of functionality and features customizable domains.

More key features:

  • Proxy filters to filter out unwanted bot traffic
  • It has multi-account integration and access for multiple users
  • Algorithms assist tracking with auto-optimization
  • Commissions can be set to multiple currencies  


ThriveTracker is an innovative affiliate tracking platform that gives you the option between cloud-hosting or self-hosting, meaning your data belongs to your database. ThriveTracker has an intuitive user interface suited to new users in the tracking space. 

Other features comprise of:

  • Fast redirecting and auto-scaling capabilities
  • Bot detection and anti-fraud software
  • The server is self-managed and easy to run
  • ThriveTracker also includes a calculator to estimate the costs of clicks to your affiliate links

Final Thoughts

Traforama makes the process of traffic purchases with affiliates stress-free and easy to navigate. Having a better understanding of conversions improves how your ads reach the right consumer for your business. You now have more confidence that your money will go further and see your ROI in action for better business growth.

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