The Best of 2021: Our Top

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It was a fantastic year with tons of opportunities and achievements. Let’s recap, see the top and analyze everything we reached together with Traforama.

Our platform addressed more than 500+ billion impressions of multiple ads formats during 2021. Wow!Wow!Wow! Only with the help of your cooperation, we did achieve these numbers.

Top Ad Formats

So many impressions! So many ads! So what were the Top Ad Formats, you may ask?!

The most popular ad format in terms of impressions quantity was the Banner. More than 1 billion impressions shown daily of the following banner sizes: 300×250, 300×100, 728×90, 468×60, 120×90, 250×250.
However, Popunders ad format is what the budgets mainly were spent on.

Within the year, we served ad purchases for more than 800 domains, both adult and mainstream. We think that you’d love to learn more about them, so we arranged the Top 20 Websites rate.
The first Top 3 positions are handled by the giant traffic volumes owners:
1- porno49,
2- nuindianporn,
3- onlyporn

We gathered for you the average banner bids for the most popular countries. Please find them below:

United States$   0.043
Germany$   0.033
China$   0.034
France$   0.029
Japan$   0.012
United Kingdom$   0.035
Italy$   0.023
Malaysia$   0.019
Republic of Korea$   0.032
Brazil$   0.023
Spain$   0.026
Russia$   0.010

Now let’s review the most performing verticals for Banner ad format. We added some explanations to make it no-frills.

Nutra Vertical – when an advertiser wants to sell a product, which is usually a bottle of pills and fits categorically within one of the most common Nutra sub-verticals:

  • Male Enhancement
  • Muscle

Adult Vertical – there are basically offers related to adult content, such as Adult Dating, Adult Videos, Adult Glamour, Adult Topless, Adult Sexy are sites and applications with paid subscriptions.

Dating Vertical – dating websites/apps, including adult and mainstream, where people try to find their match based on specific common interests and values.

Nevertheless, Gambling, Push, Gaming, and Webcams are also on the list of banner ads format’s converting traffic verticals.


The second place is taken by Pop-under ad formats. More than a 9+billion impressions were recorded within the year. And here is a list of our Top 20 websites with Top 3 traffic volume leaders:

  1. xozilla
  2. sexhdmovs
  3. ponxab

We collected for you the average pop-under bids for the most popular countries. Please find them below:

United States$      2.27
Germany$      1.63
Japan$      0.99
France$      1.51
China$      1.56
United Kingdom$      1.88
Italy$      1.26
Brazil$      0.70
Malaysia$      0.89
Poland$      1.12
Russia$      1.06
Spain$      1.50
Republic of Korea$      0.83

Check out the top verticals for pop-under ad format:
E-commerce Vertical is one of the so-called evergreen affiliate verticals. It covers promoting tangible goods via the Internet. In other words, it’s called online shopping, mainly sex shops, dolls shops, etc.

Adult Vertical – offers related to adult content, such as Adult Dating, Adult Videos, Adult Glamour, Adult Topless, Adult Sexy.

Webcams Vertical- a live video chat with sexual content.

Dating, Utilities, Gaming, and Betting are still the right verticals to buy traffic on.

In-page push

And the third place goes to in-page ad formats. More than 17+ billion impressions were served daily. And here is our Top 20 websites rate. Take a detailed look at the Top 3 sites below:

  1. XXXredsex
  2. xxxsuperporn
  3. onlyporn

Dating Vertical holds a leading position in top verticals for in-page ad format.
Adult, Gaming, Utilities, and E-commerce are less popular but still well-performing verticals for in-page ads.

We assembled for you the average in-page bids for the most popular countries. Please find them below:

United States$   0.112
Germany$   0.110
China$   0.074
France$   0.134
Japan$   0.179
Malaysia$   0.117
United Kingdom$   0.163
Italy$   0.095
Egypt$   0.046
Vietnam$   0.089
Russia$   0.087

Media kits

Whether you are a PRO or a beginner in the advertising industry, it’s more than OK to collect enormously detailed information about websites, particularly their placements, to get the best ad-performing results. So we created media kits, an auto-generated data page with visualized graphics and analytics tables about the website you’d like to advertise at.


If you aim to encourage customers to interact with your website or generate sales, our TOP Rated Websites reviews and easy-to-use tools will help you reach them. We collect only reliable and essential data, including Alexa rank, the latest analytical reports, and the hottest tips to make you find the perfect match for your ads.

We released Top Rated Websites reviews, our system’s technical features reviews, hot tips for ads promotion, and even the most promising advertising industry events lists to assist you on your way to success.

Final Thoughts

We just nailed this year with your help. Traforama’s Team thanks you for a continued partnership and wishes your holiday season be filled with sparkles of joy and love. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

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